Hi, I’m Pitou, travel photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand. I travelled to 55 countries and counting, and just recently I decided to share all my knowledge in this website :

  • I share how to get growing passive revenues with your personal photos. I’ve been doing stock photography for 3 years and I generate around 1000$ (usd) per month with it. I teach you everything from A to Z, all the secrets to succeed, but with the training, you can achieve the same results in just a couple of months. More infos here : www.photostockacademy.com
  • I share all the presets that I use for every single photography you can see in this website. It took me years to create these collections and now I use them to speed up my editing process. Click here to see differents presets collections.
  • I share all the best photography locations and secret spots of Bangkok in one pdf ebook. Living in Bangkok for the last 5 years, I know all the best places to shoot photos or launch your drone safely. More informations here : www.photographyguidetobangkok.com
  • With covid, I also travel more locally, so I will share all my adventures around Thailand in my blog.
  • And finally, I’ll also share in my blog some articles about the stock photography industry, what’s working or not and what are the trends to follow.

For all enquires, please email me at worldpitou (@gmail.com).