Photography Guide to Bangkok


165-pages eBook on capturing Bangkok’s top 50 photography locations. Complete tips, techniques and over 190 reference images.

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Discover the best photography spots of Bangkok

Having spent years in Bangkok on a quest to find all the best photography spots, let me show you why Bangkok is now my favourite city in the world.

  • 50+ of the best photography locations in Bangkok + side trips
  • Descriptions, photography notes and tips on when and how to capture each location
  • Over 190 reference images
  • 165 page eBook, in PDF format so you can keep it with you everywhere
  • Free updates for life – This online guide never goes out of date


I enjoyed your book so much. Also there are many useful photography tips there. I can’t believe you have collected such a big amount of information. I think i made the right decision to buy this eBook 😉 It’s so valuable.

Thank you for your work.



I’ve already visited a few spots, very cool! I especially liked the drone locations on googlemaps, very useful !


Hidden gems & must-do’s

This isn’t your regular travel guide. It’s a guide carefully made with a mix of expert and local knowledge for people who love photography.

  • Events & Festivals
  • Bangkok must-do’s + side trips
  • Local gems you won’t find in other guides
  • The best addresses for restaurants, bars, street food and markets
  • Field notes on food, accommodation, transport, culture and language in Bangkok

Each destination is complete with location descriptions, photography notes, suggested styles of photography, tripod usage, best times to shoot, prices, open hours, addresses and websites.

Field notes

There are so many things to consider while travelling. Photography guide to Bangkok includes notes on how best to navigate Bangkok.

  • Photography-specific notes on street photography etiquette, drone laws and tripod etiquette
  • Travel-specific notes on many topics including: the seasons, food, festivals, accommodation, transport, culture and more…

Free updates

Always with you, always up to date, free.

  • This eBook is made in PDF format for reading on any digital device
  • Hyperlinks to maps for each location
  • Free updates for life

Photography guide to Bangkok will be updated with new tips, locations and images periodically, and will be available to you as a seperate download link every time a new version comes out, for free.

It’s the first and last location guide on Bangkok you’ll ever need.

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